Keynote Session │ Predicting the Post-Corona World, the Era of Great Transformation

Predicting the Post-Corona, the Era of Great Transformation

Speaker │ Jason Schenker Futurist

  • President of Prestige Economics
  • Chairman of Futurist Institute
  • Author of ‘The Future After COVID’

Jason Schenker is a futurist, economist, and author who prepares leaders for the future with speeches, courses, and research. He has written over two dozen books on the economy, finance, and future technology, including his best selling book in Korea, ‘The Future After COVID’. In his role as the President of Prestige Economics, Jason has been ranked #1 forecaster in the world by Bloomberg News in 25 different categories since 2011. As Chairman of The Futurist Institute, Jason trains analysts, consultants, executives, and national security professionals to become futurists and incorporate new and emerging technologies and trends into their strategic planning. Jason was ranked one of the top 100 most influential financial advisors in the world by Investopedia in 2018.

Post-Corona: A New Standard in the Technology Industry

Speaker | Young Min Joo Writer

  • Director of Youngminjoo Research Institute
  • Lecturer of the Fourth Industrial Revolution at SK, LG Electronics, KTB Investment & Securities, the Federation of Korean Industries, Judical Research & Training Institute, Busan City Hall, National Information Society Agency, Yonsei University, Korea University etc.
  • Lecturer of KBS New Year's Planning Trilogy Documentary “Boiling Point” (2020)

Young Min Joo joined Google as a growth manager in 2014 after graduating from Yonsei University, Department of Sociology. He was invited as 40 Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, Davos Forum, as the only Korean. The '2019 Davos Insight’ lecture, which was planned based on the experience of that time, drew lots of people's attention and he also gave a speech at the KBS New Year's trilogy documentary ‘Boiling Point’. Currently, he works in the IT field as a director of Jooyoungmin Research Institute and makes lectures and various contents that advise how to respond to megatrends with insights gained by tracking trends in IT fields. He wrote ‘Virtual is Reality’ with insights of what kind of huge changes the virtualization will bring.

How Can We Survive in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Pandemic Shock?
Change the Standard of Mind with Phono Sapiens, CHANGE 9

Speaker | Jae Boong Choi Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University

  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Service Convergence Design
  • Director of Service Convergence Design Institute(BK21+) at Sungkyunkwan University
  • Member of Future Education Committee, Ministry of Education
  • Advisory Committee Member, Innovation Growth Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance

As an “engineer who reads civilization”, Jae Boong Choi is the leading specialist on the 4th industrial revolution in Korea, transcending the boundaries between disciplines, such as the fusion of business model design and mechanical engineering, and the fusion of humanity-based animal behavior and mechanical engineering. He has given more than 1,200 lectures on the '4th industrial revolution and phono sapiens' to companies, government agencies, and educational institutions, presenting the revolutionary changes and realities that a new human civilization is bringing about, as well as the innovation plans facing a new era. He is sharing his insight to help people living in the “era of revolution” to see opportunities rather than crises, and to live with wise rather than confusion by appearing on several TV programs.

SFC Talk │ The Post-Pandemic Era and the Future of Korea

Uncertain Futures of Korea

Speaker | Jim Dator Professor of Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii

  • Professor of Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii
  • Director of Research Center for Futures Studies
  • Former President of World Futures Studies Federation

Jim Dator is Professor Emeritus and Director, Research Center for Futures Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Lecturer, Space Humanities, International Space University, Strasbourg, France; Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Futures Strategy, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon; and former President, World Futures Studies Federation. He was editor-in-chief of the World Futures Review. He also taught at Rikkyo University (Tokyo, for six years), Virginia Tech, and the University of Toronto. He received a BA in History, Stetson University; MA in Political Science University of Pennsylvania, and PhD in Political Science, The American University.

The Role of State for the Newly Emerging Technological Paradigm

Speaker | Jeong Dong Lee Professor of Engineering at Seoul National University, Executive Assistant of the Economy to the President

  • Executive Assistant of the Economy to the President
  • Professor of Engineering at Seoul National University
  • Science and Public Policy Oxford Journal Editor
  • Member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Jeong Dong Lee is currently a professor of technology Management, Economics and Policy Program in the Graduate School of Engineering at Seoul National University, and gives advice on national policies as an executive assistant of the economy to the president. He is a member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the National Academy of Engineering of Korea and is also co-editor of Science and Public Policy, the Oxford journal. He served as the chairman of the organizing committee of the Asia Pacific Productivity Conference in 2018 and of the Korea Productivity Association and the Korean Corporation Management Association. He suggested the direction of the Korean industry through a book called ‘Time of Accumulation’, which urged a shift in the Korean industrial paradigm, and ‘Road of Accumulation’, which contains a national strategy that undergoes challenging trial and error.

Session I │ New trends in the New Normal

Predicting the Sustainable Global Ecosystem of the Climate Environment in the New Normal Era

Speaker | Sang Mook Lee Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Seoul National University

  • Bachelor of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Oceanography, Seoul National University
  • PhD of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Seoul National University
  • Principal of Computational Science Cooperative Course and Combined Major at Seoul National University

Professor Sang Mook Lee is a renowned oceanographer and geophysicist in Korea. As part of the theory of plate tectonics, he studies how oceanic crust is created and destroyed, and he observes earthquakes and volcanoes in the deep sea through field exploration in the actual ocean. During an outdoor geological survey in 2006, he became a severely disabled person with complete paralysis under the neck due to a vehicle rollover. However, he tried to overcome obstacles with assistive technology devices and are conducting more active research activities than ever. He also gives voice to social issues, including the global environment and education for the disabled. He is currently running a cooperative course and the combined major in Computational Science, and is in charge of the Planet A project, the representative geoscience program of Seoul National University, and the chairman of the International Central Maritime Research Council (INTER RIDGE).

Changes and Trends in the AI + Corona Era_Digital Transformation, Corona Era, Changes in Human Life

Speaker | Kwang Hyung Lee Chair-Professor at KAIST

  • Chair-Professor at KAIST
  • Provost at KAIST
  • Member of the National Board of Education
  • Member of the Defense Reform Advisory Committee , Ministry of National Defense

Kwang Hyung Lee, Chair-Professor at KAIST, felt keenly the necessity of Futurism in the process of proposing and persuading KAIST to establish the Department of Bio-Brain Engineering in 2001. This is because he thought it would be easier to communicate with each other if we talk about the future using methodologies of systematic future forecasting. In 2013, Moon Soul Graduate Program for Future Strategy was established at KAIST and he began to research and educate future studies in earnest. In 2014, he opened the “Highest Course for Future Strategy” to educate members of the National Assembly for two years, and also opened the “High-Level Course for National Future Strategy” in Sejong City to teach public officials in 2015.

Post Pandemic Era, 5 Major Paradigm Changes

Speaker | Jae Yong Song Professor of Business at Seoul National University

  • AMOREPACIFIC Chaired Professor of Strategy and International Management at Seoul National University
  • Division Chair and an Executive Committee Member of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management
  • Chair of Korean Society of Strategic Management
  • Vice Chairman of Korean Academic Society of Business Administration and Korean Academy of International Business
  • Vice Dean of Business at Seoul National University, Director of SNU Business Research Institute

Jae Yong Song is the AMOREPACIFIC Chaired Professor of Strategy and International Management at Seoul National University. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining SNU, he was a Professor of Strategy at Columbia Business School and Yonsei University. He was elected as an AIB Fellow and served as an editor of the Journal of International Business Studies. He was also elected as an Executive Committee member of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management and will serve as a division chair in 2020-2021. He served as the President of the Korean Society of Strategic Management and the Korea Chapter Chair of the Academy of International Business.

Session II │ Untact, Digital Epilogue

Industry and Communication Services that 5G Changes

Speaker | Seong Hwan Yi Director of Business in 5G, GIGA at KT

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Chonnam National University
  • Master of Engineering, Yonsei University
  • Ex-Director of KT Media Business
  • Head of KT 5G/GiGA Business Division

Seong Hwan Yi is leading the development of the telecommunications industry by introducing various innovative products and services at KT. In October 2014, He led the commercialization of Korea's first GIGA Internet and made Olleh TV the No. 1 IPTV through the introduction of numerous innovative technologies such as UHD TV, AI TV, TV payment, TV Kids Land, and TV multilingual subtitle service. Recently, he is focusing on discovering new normal services in the digital contact era, such as the release of GiGA Wi services based on WiFi 6.0 and commercialization of subscription streaming game services.

Digital Healthcare in the Post Corona Era

Speaker | Yoon Sup Choi CEO of Digital Healthcare Partners

  • CEO of Digital Healthcare Partners
  • Director of Choiyoonsub Digital Healthcare Research Institute
  • Affiliated professor at Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology, SKKU
  • Affiliated professor at Preventive Medicine & Public Health, Yonsei University
  • Writes ‘Choiyoonsub’s health care magnifier’ on The Korea Economic Daily

Yoon Sup Choi is a bioscientist, future medical scientist, entrepreneur, angel investor, and evangelist who takes the topic of creating innovation and social value in the field of digital healthcare through the fusion of computer engineering, life science, and medicine. As a leading expert in the digital healthcare field, he is the first to introduce this field in Korea through active research, writing, consulting, and lectures. He majored in computer science and life science and obtained a doctorate in data processing biology in POSTEC. He has been a visiting researcher at Stanford University, a research assistant professor at the Seoul Medical University Cancer Institute, a team leader at the Convergence Research Institute at KT Institute of Technology, a research assistant professor at the Seoul National University Hospital Medical Research Institute, and a visiting professor at the Department of Digital Health at Sungkyunkwan University. He has published more than 10 papers in world-class scientific journals including ‘Science’.

Digital Transformation and Future Mobility

Speaker | Tae Bong Koh Director of Research Division, Hi Investment & Securities

  • Graduate School of Business, Yonsei University
  • Current Head of Research Division, Hi Investment & Securities
  • JoongAng Ilbo Car of the Year(COTY) Selection Committee
  • Money Today Korea Analyst Award (Automobile/Tire Category, 2019)

Tae Bong Koh graduated from Yonsei University and received a master's degree in business from the same university. After joining Daewoo Securities in 1999, he worked as the director of the IBK Investment & Securities Research Center, the director of the corporate analysis team at Hi Investment Securities, and is currently the director of the research division. He has been an analyst in the automotive/tire sector for the past 20 years, selected as the No.1 best analyst by Maeil Economic Daily, Korea Economic Daily, Chosun Ilbo, and Herald more than 20 times. Currently, he is focusing on the analysis of future mobility and the 4th industrial revolution, such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles, sharing economy, and urban aviation mobility. He has actively given lectures to the National Assembly, the government, academia, and leading conglomerates.